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- Consulting Support For Companies Advancing Globally -

We will link the trading market to the Middle East (countries of oil royalty), America, Australia, Japan and EU.


Connecting your business and the world, Become a new developing business owner.

We fully support globally advancing businesses, regardless of the business genre or industry.

For our clients including managers, entrepreneurs, companies and other clients, who have a strong global awareness towards trying foreign businesses, we support management and exchanges of buying and selling of high expenses with foreign corporations, overseas investors, and international buyers. Support is also available for managers who wish to remain in the local field while advancing to overseas markets.



We invest in businesses that are predicted to grow by venture capital firms (VC), capital funds, institutional investors, royal banks, and private investors. Regardless of whether it is domestic/overseas or type of industry/business, we can invest. In particular, we prioritize investing in technology.


Our foreign investment team supports everything related to M&As, including stock transfers, business transfers, third-party allocation of shares, shares exchange, mergers, MBO, corporate splits, etc. Of course, we can reduce timeframes, achieve synergy effects, pursue scale, disperse risk, acquire cheaply, reduce taxes, etc. But we can also solve problems regarding succession of the seller’s business, everything from retirement to starting a new business, business development due to new management and profit acquisition with overlapping founders due to IPOs, selling off non-core businesses and focusing management resources on core businesses, and hiring problems and problems with continuing services to clients.


We support getting listed (initial public offering) on foreign markets. Unlike with domestic markets, even companies that were founded less than a year ago can get listed. As the greatest merit, the listing standards are extremely lenient and we will support you without any requirements regarding net assets, market capitalization, financial statements, years of continuous operations, number of minimum publicly traded shares, or number of shareholders. When the company successfully gets listed, a large sum of fundraising will be conducted at the same time, and it will substantially expand overseas clients as the company’s brand power improves.


The principal properties we work with are condominiums, highrise apartments, resort hotels, golf courses, hospitals, commercial facilities, power plants, and leisure facilities. We support their sale to new owners, development through new investment, construction, acquisition of new ownership rights, and the creation of amusement parks overseas (large-scale leisure facilities and theme parks).


Using overseas resort hotels, we will implement asset management which also serves overseas travel and long-term stays. Not only we will support the safe operation of surplus funds—such as retirement money, pensions, and corporate bonds—but we may also support with business training, life after retirement, parent-and-child study abroad, long-term medical treatment, anti-aging, children’s education, repayment of home loans, and study abroad.


Using overseas life insurance, personal pensions, and real estate, we will support you so that amount of insurance money you receive will become two to three times more than that of leading life insurance companies in Japan. All insurance policies have credit ratings higher than S&P and AA. There are several merits, such as broader acceptance standards for age limit and health conditions, non-family member recipients. In addition, large sum insurance is also acceptable, and you can receive great insurance with an inexpensive policy. Taking the government’s upcoming tax increase policy into consideration, it is suitable for top earners and high-net-worth individuals.


We support sales transactions where wealthy people throughout the world and art collectors make direct purchases or large sum transactions at famous international auctions.


Our group of top Japanese general contractors and architects has developed a chemical cement that can harden any soil just as it is regardless of its composition. This cement can reduce construction costs and time by over half. We will dispatch our surveyors—who can communicate in Japanese, English, and Chinese—to your site, and they will provide technical guidance. Furthermore, we can supply heavy machinery, such as high quality bulldozers, in huge volume and little time.


We are an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) of package labels for foreign soft plastic water bottles and we export large quantity to clients. This service is convenient for campaigns and sales promotions for event exhibitions, hotels, schools, professional sports teams, restaurants, apparel companies, corporations, leisure facilities, and airline companies.


This service can be used for purchasing real estate, settling corporate sales, and conducting trade. Also, payments over ¥100 million are possible every month. It covers all payment methods, including face-to-face payments at stores, mobile payments, online payments, email payments, and automatic billing payments.


We reduce electricity costs for facilities with high electricity consumption, such as hotels. For example, with an electricity consumption of 40,000 kW, an amount equivalent to ¥52 million can be saved, thus saving 30 to 40% of electricity costs annually.


We introduce the latest medical treatment systems to overseas medical institutions. (For example, infertility treatment as well as a medical treatment that removes cancer cells at the DNA level in a single session without side effects.)


We will support corporations expanding to overseas locations—such as the USA, Australia, EU countries, Southeast Asia, Qatar, and United Arab Emirates (Dubai and Abu Dhabi)—and we can assign buyers and Royal officials (customers to conduct continuous trade transactions with) from all over the world.


Whether it is domestic/overseas, government/civil, or corporate, we accept large sum sales and purchase transactions and business commissions from our clients. We will build you a special foreign investment project team that includes Japanese staff, and provide support to successfully carry out the commission. If detailed “corporate names (government agency names or private business names)” are given, not only do we handle “cases” and “issues”, but we also can concretely develop new revenue business models and schemes at international standards. Please make an inquiry if you have any requests or concerns, as we can also conduct joint ventures with foreign corporations conducting global business and introduce clients.

​We can also directly support government officials from the world. If you are facing various concerns and requests (public works, environmental issues, public security issues, public health issues, etc.), we can help you solve them. Please ask us for assistance, as we can often approach or suggest cases and let you know how we can offer you support. Our expert team made of various specialists will be a powerful resource that will help you expand and support you in your target country.

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